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Core Muscle Range

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  • Amino Pro Nano Stack
    Amino Pro Nano Stack 120 Caps
      Amino acids are the chemical units or “building blocks” that make up proteins. The Amino Pro Nano Stack is ideal for both athletes and weight-training individuals.  Niacin...
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  • BCAA Syntho Stack
    BCAA Syntho Stack
      USN BCAA Syntho Stack is an essential amino acid stack, a combination of the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). BCAAs make up approximately one third of skeletal muscle in the human body. Adding...
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  • Creatine HMB Armor
    Creatine HMB Armor
      Why USN Creatine HMB Armor? Creatine HMB Armor is the next stage in performance supplements, with a blend of Creatine Monohydrate and HMB encased in a delayed release capsule it will provide...
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  • Creatine Monohydrate
    Creatine Monohydrate
      USN’s Micronised Creatine contains one of the most wellstudied forms of creatine available. It is a water-soluble form with a good bioavailability. There is good scientific evidence that...
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  • Creatine X4
    Creatine X4
      Creatine X4 is the new generation creatine that could be the supplement you were waiting for to take your physical performance to the next level. It provides 3g creatine per serving, the dosage...
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  • Pure Glutamine
      L-Glutamine is an amino acid. During intense training, your muscle L-Glutamine levels drop sharply by supplying your body with a sufficient amount of Glutamine, you’ll be able to train your...
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  • Protein Delite Bar
    Protein Delite Bars
      With a delicious candy bar taste, USN’s Protein Delite bars contain up to 30g of high quality protein (based on a 76g bar), 0g Trans Fat and Whey Isolate. Delight the taste buds with nutty...
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  • USN Protein Flapjack 24 x 60g
    Protein Flapjack 24 x 80g
        What are USN Protein Flapjacks? USN Protein Flapjacks are a combination of scrumptious oatmeal and a high level of protein, making it a perfect snack to curb those cravings. What are the...
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  • Protein Fuel 50 RTD
    Protein Fuel 50 RTD 6 x 500ml
      USN's Protein Fuel RTDs are without doubt among the best tasting on the makret. Coming in strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavour, with a whopping 50g of protein per 500ml bottle one of our pre...
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  • Protein Fuel RTD 8 x 330ml
    Protein Fuel RTD 8 x 330ml
      USN's Protein Fuel RTDs are without doubt among the best tasting on the makret. Coming in strawberry and chocolate flavour, with a whopping 25g of protein per 330ml bottle one of our pre mixed...
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  • Pure Protein Bar Shipper
    Pure Protein Bar 12 x 75g
      A convenient nutrition snack. It is designed for active people who demand the benefits of high quality proteins and complex carbohydrates for optimum health, muscle recuperation and physical...
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  • USN Pure GF-1
    Pure Protein GF-1 - 2.28kg
      Protein plays a vitally important role for the growth and repair of your muscles and is also the structural core of the human body. USN’s Pure Protein is a tasty protein blend which consists...
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  • USN RAW-PRO Vegetarian Protein
    RAW-PRO Vegetarian Protein
      What is the USN Raw Pro Vegetarian Protein? USN’s brand new RAW-PRO Vegetarian Protein is a superb plant based protein blend which mixes easily in two great tasting flavours and is suitable...
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  • USN Spike Burn
    Spike Burn 24 x 440ml
      What is USN Spike Burn? Spike Burn is a delicious and refreshing energy drink from USN designed to help you get more from your workout. What are the benefits? Spike Burn offers a completely sugar...
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  • Whey Protein 908g
    Whey Protein 908g
      Whey protein is one of the highest BV (Biological Value) proteins available in nature. USN’s Whey Protein provides the purest form of this single protein substrate. Whey contains proteins such...
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USN has become renowned for its leading edge, innovative developments in the sports supplements industry. The ‘universal mark’ in the company’s logo is symbolic of global scientific findings and the latest clinical research that inspires our scientists to produce state-of-the-art product formulations. Our R&D department works closely with various international pharmaceutical companies to ensure continuous product enhancements and uphold stringent quality control.

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