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Bella Falconi - Fitness Model

Bella Falconi - Fitness Model

Bella is a not only a fitness model, but she is also a motivational speaker, a student of nutritional science, a gym enthusiast and she adores yoga!

Follow Bella on Instagram @bellafalconi_fitness

Bella started training when she was 17, but has always loved to play sports. She trained like most normal girls would, not with the aim of building muscles but just to maintain her weight and keep fit. She always had an admiration for fit girls though, but thought she was never going to achieve that type of body, no matter how hard she worked. Back in February 2012 she decided to make a big change to her diet and supplementation and since then, her body has totally transformed.

The results and progress are what keeps Bella motivated to keep doing it more and more and she now considers it to be her lifestyle, which she wouldn’t change for the world.

Bella tends to lose weight very easily, which would sound like a dream come true for many, but on the flip side, she finds gaining muscle mass a huge challenge! Her next goal is to “rock the stage” and she is working incredibly hard to succeed at doing so having entered one competition so far, and won it! She started at 109 lbs and has already put 10 lbs on. Bella explains that “hard work does pay off” and that she is glad to see that she will be able to overcome her own limits and transform her body into what SHE wants it to look like.

There’s more to come from Bella and there’s more she wants to accomplish. In her own words she explains that she is “always striving for improvements”.


  • 1st Place - Jax Physique - Figure Division

    Bella's first bodybuilding competition was in April 2013 where she competed at the Jax Physique show. She participated in the Figure division and won first place, not only in her class, but overall Figure champion.

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"If you want something real bad, you’ll never give up until you get there"

Products Used by Bella Falconi

Whey Protein Premium

HMB 1000


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